Professional equipment rental service is one of the fastest-growing businesses in Saudi Arabia and KITES Equipment Rental services have become a leader in it. Presently, Saudi Arabia is witnessing a dramatic increase in renting heavy equipment for several reasons.

However, in most cases, the rising cost of purchasing equipment and a fluctuating market has contributed immensely to the growth of heavy equipment rentals.

This has compelled many construction companies to opt for heavy equipment rental in Saudi Arabia and thus save wherever possible. After all, it is a practical solution for many construction companies in KSA to rent heavy-duty vehicles and equipment thereby cutting costs and running a more money-wise construction company.

Besides, there are several other benefits of choosing heavy equipment rental in Saudi Arabia.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is the largest construction market in the GCC region and it is still growing. Given the fickle market and high price of equipment, the many construction companies in KSA prefer equipment rental services. Thus there has been a boom in equipment rental companies in Saudi Arabia.

The growing demand for infrastructure projects in KSA has also given rise to the demand for equipment rentals rather than purchases, especially in the area of the earthmoving market.

Given the demand, there has also been a rise in the supply of necessary equipment and vehicles from equipment rental companies in Saudi Arabia. This combined demand and supply has further boosted the construction equipment rental market in the Middle Eastern nation.

Equipment Rental Company

The construction equipment rental market of Saudi Arabia is mostly dominated by crane rental services followed by excavator rental and wheel loader rental segments. It is worth noting that cranes, excavators, wheel loaders, bulldozers, motor graders, and telescopic handlers have seen an equal rise in demand.

The constant push by the government for residential and commercial industry activities, along with boosting foreign direct investment, with a focus on the expansion of metros, airports, new hotels & malls have added up the demand for Professional equipment rental services in Saudi Arabia.

There are many significant advantages of renting heavy equipment in Saudi Arabia chief of which is the opportunity to avoid the initial purchasing cost. Besides, it eventually also reduces or rather eliminates the need for maintenance and repair costs.

However, the primary biggest profit of using equipment rental services is that construction companies can protect themselves from the unpredictable or fluctuating market along with no depreciation costs.

Heavy Equipment Rental Saudi Arabia

It is common for several construction companies to run construction projects simultaneously. It becomes cumbersome for them to move heavy-duty machinery and share them among several jobs.

Hence, they save both time and cost by renting specific parts of machinery for particular projects from some local equipment rental company. Besides, renting heavy equipment also resolves equipment storage issues while improving transportation logistics efficiently.

Amidst this increasing demand for more modern equipment rental services lies KITES Equipment Rental, established back in 2015. The business puts forth quality first in its work and has been providing a variety of services in Saudi Arabia including Heavy Equipment Rentals, Transportation, Manpower resourcing, and Fabrication among others.

With a favorably located in Dammam, they have extended their services to the entire Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. They provide skilled as well as unskilled manpower for services during the construction, upgrade, commissioning & maintenance phase of the oil/gas processing plants, pipelines, petrochemical projects, and other work.

Equipment Rental Services

KITES Equipment Rental deals in renting and sourcing heavy equipment specially designed for construction work and earthwork operations. Working in collaboration with the customers, chalking out in detail, the route map for the entire, project, the company advises and guides the customers concerning the optimum use of the appropriate equipment.

KITES Equipment Rental is a pioneer when it comes to heavy haulage, erection, and heavy lift transportation. They provide modernized equipment, qualified operators, licensed drivers, certified riggers, and approved lifting accessories. For any enquiries Contact us.

The company also provides rigging studies, lifting plans with drawings, transporting plans with drawings, load charts, risk assessment plans, and detailed accessories specifications. They chalk out all necessary engineering, road and site surveys, logistics, crew and equipment scheduling, proper documentation, and assembly operations.

Irrespective of the size of the projects, KITES Equipment Rental is capable of providing practical and cost-effective solutions to its clients. Catering to their clients round the clock at any onshore or offshore locations, the company collaborates with Saudi Aramco and other Third-party operators and Riggers at all three levels.

Besides, the company’s professional team ensures that our customers’ demands are met with high standards and are economical at the same time.

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