As one of the largest crane rental companies in Saudi Arabia, we offer a wide range of cranes to meet the demands of multiple industries. We understand the needs of various industries may vary. Keeping this in mind, we at Kitesgcc have equipped ourselves with the most modern machines, cranes, and heavy equipment.

We have always armored ourselves with the latest in technology, keeping ourselves abreast with changing trends.

The requirement for cranes in the construction industry has increased over the years. With high rise commercial and residential complexes, the demand for high quality cranes has increased.

Kitesgcc, one of the leading crane rental suppliers in Saudi Arabia has been contributing immensely to the construction industry through our superior quality heavy equipment and crane rentals in Saudi Arabia.

The importance of cranes in the construction industry cannot be undermined. Cranes have the power to move heavy construction material in various directions, making it easy to transport cement blocks and other construction material on a site.

Our new hydraulic cranes have the capability to move construction blocks vertically and horizontally and rotate and place construction material where they need to be. All this, without much effort and time.

Kitesgcc, has been in the forefront when it comes to supplying cranes for rent to the construction and mining industry in particular. These industries extensively use heavy equipment to transport large loads over long and higher distances. The popularity of cranes in these industries is because of their capability to rotate 360 degrees and place loads in the right place.

Being regarded as one of the top crane rental companies in Dammam, our crane rental services have been hailed as the best. Our wide range of well-maintained cranes that suit varied purposes is our USP.

Top 5 reasons you must rent cranes and heavy equipment from Kitesgcc, the best crane rental company in Saudi Arabia


At Kitesgcc we value our clients’ money, time and effort. Our range of cranes for rent is available to clients at very affordable and economical rates. We have long term and short-term packages to suit the needs of every client.


We are the most trusted crane rental company in Jeddah. The reviews from our clients stand testament to the fact of the quality of our services. Our large range of cranes for rent in Saudi Arabia allows us to offer cranes for rent on a short notice period.

Minimum paperwork

We offer cranes for rent with minimum paperwork, allowing our customers to concentrate more on their business. We have a simple procedure that is fast and sure.

Safe to use

With safety and quality as our core principles, we guarantee safe cranes and heavy equipment for rent. Our machines and cranes are serviced from time to time, ensuring all the machines are in working conditions and safe to use. At Kitesgcc, we have a no compromise policy when it comes to the quality of our machines.

Required licenses and permits

We at Kitesgcc, the top crane rental company in Riyadh, are a stickler for rules. We have the required licenses and permits to operate cranes and heavy equipment. We adhere to the laws of the land with regard to the maintenance, storing and renting of cranes and heavy equipment.

We are a premiere heavy equipment and crane rental company in Saudi Arabia known for our professional services throughout the country.

We deliver on our promises and have high regard for customer satisfaction. We work on the principles of sustainability and strive to power our clients with all their heavy equipment and crane needs. For business inquiries contact us.

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