Established in 2015, Kitesgcc has been in the forefront when it comes to heavy equipment rentals, transportation, manpower resourcing, industrial tools  and fabrication among other services. With quality and affordability as our core principles, we strive to serve our clients with only the best in services.

From renting heavy equipment for industrial use to the supply of welding machines, we offer a wide range of services for a multitude of industries. Since our establishment, we have been engaged in providing quality services for clients across the country. Regarded as one of the top welding machine suppliers in Saudi Arabia, we are a global name to reckon with.

Welding can be defined as the joining of two materials, mostly metals like steel, brass or iron. The construction industry, metal foundries, engineering works and the manufacturing industry rely heavily on welding machines. At Kitesgcc, we offer a wide range of welding machines for rent.

Our quality products and services coupled with affordable costs have allowed us to emerge as one of the most revered welding machine suppliers in Jeddah.

Welding Machines at Kitesgcc

There are different types of welding machines available depending on the requirement. It is necessary to select the right type of welding machine in order to perform a welding task. Different materials may require varied sources of energy or different types of welding actions.

  • MIG welding machine

The MIG welding machine refers to Metal Inert Gas welding. This kind of machine is used to join aluminum with non iron metals. These welding machines cause very little splatter while in use. They are quick and simple welding machines to use.

  • TIG welding machine

TIG or Tungsten Inert Gas welding machines are used to join highly reactive metals.

  • CO2 welding machine

Powered by gas, the CO2 welding machine is relatively a new welding machine in the industry. Here, the welding is done through pressured gas which performs the welding action without fire or flame.

  • MMA welding machine

Manual Metal Arc welding machines are used to join aluminum, iron and steel.

  • MAG welder

This Metal Active Gas welding machine passes high voltage to the feeding wire.

The Importance and Benefits of Using Welding Machines

Today, industries require welding machines to make smaller parts a bigger whole. Like the old saying ‘United we stand, divided we fall, welding works on the same principle that if two or more metals are infused together, it becomes a stronger material.

That is why welding is an important process for many industries as mentioned above. Let’s look at some more benefits of using welding machines

1. Joining of two or more metals

Especially the construction industry, benefits from the joining of metal pieces. Notice how the Eiffel Tower in Paris has been constructed. Enormous metal bars are welded together to create an iconic wonder of the world. Welding machines are used to create these strong joints in tall buildings.

Also, railings and metal fences are welded together by welding machines to emerge stronger. Kitesgcc is known as one of the leading welding machine suppliers in Dammam.

2. Used by manufacturing industries

Apart from the construction industry that extensively uses welding machines to perform construction work, the manufacturing industry is also a great utiliser of welding machines. Manufacturing industries in Riyadh vouch for Kitesgcc as one of the best welding machine suppliers in Riyadh.

We offer a wide range of welding machines to perform various welding work in the manufacturing industry. Every manufacturing industry including the automobile industry uses welding machines to infuse different metals together.

3. Economical

Hiring or renting welding machines from a leading welding machine supplier in Jeddah is more economical than investing in other processes like riveting or bolting metal together. Kitesgcc offers the most reasonable rental packages for welding machines.

4. Permanent fixtures

Welding is popularly used in the construction and manufacturing industry because of its permanent properties. Welding machines used to weld metals are important because they perform permanent actions that lead to long lasting constructions.


As seen from above, welding machines are used in multiple industries and for various purposes. What must be seen is the quality of welding machines. Substandard welding machines may not have a powerful impact on the welding of metals and alloys. It is important to use high quality welding machines in all industries.

Kitesgcc are leading welding machine suppliers in Saudi Arabia offering only quality and products and services to clients across the nation.

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