A building without scaffolding is like making tea without a kettle. If you have been to a construction site then you must have seen a scaffolding. It is usually installed at the beginning of construction or maintenance work. This structure provides a temporary platform for the construction workers to carry the materials at an elevation and continue the construction process. Scaffolding rental services are crucial for any type of construction. Let us explore the various advantages of using scaffolding. 

  • Be it a building of any structure or size, scaffolding makes it easier for builders and workers to navigate it. It offers a platform for workers to carry out their work efficiently. 
  • There is always some risk involved in the construction and repair of high-rises. Scaffolding makes it safer for workers to carry on construction work at a higher elevation. 
  •  Scaffolding makes it easier to reach the areas of the building which are difficult to access otherwise. 

Scaffolding is important for any type of construction. Remember to be careful before you hire a scaffolding machine. Make sure you choose the best. This blog compares and reviews the top 5 scaffolding rental servicesin KSA so you can choose the best for your construction site.

Types of scaffolding offered

There are eight common types of scaffolding. We have mentioned them in the list below for your assistance.

Types of Scaffolding 
1.               Single Scaffolding or Brick layer scaffolding
2.              Double Scaffolding or Independent Scaffolding
3.              Cantilever Scaffolding
4.              Suspended Scaffolding
5.              Trestle Scaffolding
6.              Mobile Scaffolding or Patented Scaffolding
7.              Tube and Clamp Scaffolding
8.              System Scaffolding

While choosing a scaffolding firm, you must check the scope of its services. The greater the variety of services it offers the more options you get. Moreover, it also acts as proof of the company’s expertise in the domain of scaffolding rental services.

Top 5 Scaffolding Rental Companies

Scaffolding is essential for safe proceedings of construction work. We have crafted this segment for you to identify the top 5 scaffolding rental companies in Saudi Arabia. 

1.KITES Equipment Rental

Established in 2015, KITES Equipment Rental is a top player in the heavy equipment rental market. The organization is reputed for high-quality products integrated with the most recent technology. Moreover, the trained professionals supervise the project from start to end.

Overview of services 



Equipment RentalsKITES Equipment Rental rents and sources modernized heavy equipment needed for construction and earthwork operations. They collaborate with clients to understand their needs and provide high-quality, cost-effective services.
Heavy Lift and TransportationKITES Equipment Rental is one of the best heavy-lift companies in Saudi Arabia. They provide world-class heavy-lift transportation along with rigging study, lifting plans, risk assessment plans, and detailed specifications about the accessories.

Highlighted customer reviews

kites equipment's review

2.Arabin Spar

Arabin Spar is one of the top providers of scaffolding rental services and products in Saudi Arabia. Know a bit more about them in the following sections.

Overview of services



Scaffolding Contract ServicesIf you partner with Arabian SPAR then it will take care of all the aspects of scaffolding projects mentioned in the contract. In fact, the contract is prepared to suit the needs of the clients. 
Hire and SaleArabian SPAR offers grade-A scaffolding services. The company strives to satisfy its clients by adapting to their constantly changing requirements.
Scaffolding DesignArabian SPAR has designated a separate division for offering scaffolding solutions. These solutions are cost-effective and safe.
ProductsSome top

products offered by Arabian SPAR include pipes & tubes, cuplock systems, ringlock systems, tubes, and fittings.


Founded in 2012 AL-BATIN provides the best scaffolding rental services in KSA. These services are creative, cost-effective, and focus on the client’s safety. 

Overview of services 

Scaffolding ErectionAL-BATIN provides shoring services, scaffolding rentals, and erecting and dismantling scaffolding services to oil and petrochemical clients
Scaffolding SalesAL -BATIN’s sales team guarantees a great client experience through their efficient services and quality products like scaffolding rental machine
Scaffolding RentalsAL-BATIN provides a wide variety of materials for rent depending on the client’s needs
Equipment RentalAL-BATIN is famous for renting heavy equipment like cranes and heavy equipment in the MENA region. 
ProductsAL BATIN provides a wide range of products including Cuplock Standard, Aluminium Ladder, Timber Wood, Single Coupler, Scaffolding GL Tube, and a lot more


Bluemart is known for providing scaffolding solutions and industrial products to local clients and re-export markets. 

Overview of services 

Scaffolding RentalBluemart provides start-to-end scaffolding products and services. It is a leading renter and supplier of scaffolding machines. Moreover, it takes care of every activity including the erection, inspection, and dismantling of the machines. 
ProductsBLUEMART provides both scaffolding 

and building materials. Amongst its scaffolding machinery are scaffolding accessories, scaffolding tubes, and a cuplock scaffolding system. The company also offers building materials like softwood, hardwood, and plywood. 

5.Saudi Scaffolding Factory

Saudi Scaffolding Factory (SSF) is known for providing a variety of high-quality scaffolding products and services to local clients. 

Overview of services

FormworkThe Saudi Scaffolding Factory offers good-quality formwork. In fact, it has frameworks for each stage of the construction process. 
Powered AccessSSF’s powered access facilities include construction, renovation, maintenance, and cleaning. It provides both permanent and temporary scaffolding machine.
RollformBe it for residential projects, industrial plants, or commercial buildings, SSF offers a wide range of motorized equipment including roof cars, monorail systems, davit systems, and gantry cranes.  
ScaffoldingSSF offers long-lasting, safe, and durable structural systems for construction, renovation, and maintenance purposes. 

Scaffolding leasing Companies features

Company name

Stand out features

KITES Equipment Rental
  • The company is the largest privately owned equipment rental company in Dammam, Saudi Arabia. 
  • KITES Equipment Rental is the world leader in the provision of innovative manpower solutions. 
  • The organization strictly adheres to the safety measures and policies. They also make it a point to review and update the policies from time to time. 
Arabian SPAR
  • The company offers seamless scaffolding contract services.
  • It has a dedicated team of engineers offering simple scaffolding solutions at a reasonable price.  
  • The organization’s designs conform to various standards like British, American, and Saudi Aramco
  • This company has a reputation for handling large-scale projects of varying complexity. 
  • The services and products of the company integrate the latest technological advancements.
  • It provides all types of scaffolding solutions and industrial products to the local and re-export market. 
  • All the products of the company could be locally as well as internationally sourced.
  • The company has a procurement team with in-depth local, regional, and international market knowledge 
Saudi Scaffolding Company
  • SSF has received a certificate from ARAMCO, guaranteeing the quality and safety of its services. 
  • It provides a wide range of products and services for its customers. Starting from scaffolding to powered access solution it has got all your scaffolding and network needs covered.  

Summary of overall ranking 

In this blog, we help you identify the top 5 companies in Saudi Arabia for scaffold machinery leasing. Each of these companies has unique features that make it stand out. Thus, ranking these 5 companies amongst each other would not be possible. You can make a choice depending on your preference and priority. For example, if you prioritize safety, you can choose KITES Equipment Rental. The company also offers top-class manpower. On the other hand, if you want a certified service or product go for SSF or Arabian Spar. People who give importance to technology can consult with AL-BATIN for products and services integrated with the latest technology.  Finally, BLUEMART should be your choice if you want internationally sourced products. 

Scaffolding Rent additional info

In the previous segments, we identified the top 5 scaffolding machine rental services in KSA. We suggest that before opting for any of them you should study them in detail.  You can look at their websites to learn more about them. 

CompanyWebsite URL
KITES Equipment Rentalhttps://kitesgcc.com/
Arabian SPARhttps://www.arabianspar.com/Scaffolding-Suppliers-KSA.php
AL BATIN ADVANCED CONTRACTING CO. LTDhttps://albatinindus.com/
Saudi Scaffolding Factory https://saudiscaffolding.com

Relevant industry publications and safety guidelines

Knowing the safety guidelines on scaffolding will help you select a safe scaffolding rental service. Here are links to some relevant articles that discuss scaffolding safety guidelines in detail. 

  • This particular article speaks about the best rules and standards for scaffolding. 3 of the key rules to be followed are mentioned in the table below. 
OSHA Scaffolding Safety Rules followed in Saudi Arabia 
  • Guardrails or a fall arrest system should be deployed to protect employees who are at an elevation of over 10 feet from the ground.
  • For every scaffold manufactured after January 2000, the height of the top rail should be between 38 inches to 45 inches.
  • Halfway between the top-rail and platform surface, the mid-rail must be inserted. 

We have shared some scaffolding rules in the table above. However, it is essential to read all of them in detail. Read this article to know more:


Know more about the SAUDI ARAMCO SCAFFOLD REQUIREMENT from this publication:

https://ahmad tomasz.weebly.com/uploads/9/6/0/5/96054774/overview_of_new_scaffold_safety_requirements.doc

Closing Note

In current times, the number of skyrises has seen a monumental hike. Here comes the need for scaffolding. It is a must for every construction site. The scaffolding equipment hire services cater to your diverse needs. The firms adapt to the fast-changing industry and offer services that utilize modern technology and satisfy safety rules. Are you someone who has opted for scaffolding services lately? Were you satisfied? Share your opinion with us. We would be happy to hear about your experience.