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We serve various customers across a wide range of industries. We facilitate material handling for our customers with our exceptional experience in the material handling sector and a service level that is top of the line, along with the most affordable prices in the market.

We are the owners and suppliers of certain types of forklifts, and many other types of equipment as per your needs with a wide range of capacity to select from. Our services are available all across Saudi Arabia, and our office is ideally positioned in Dammam to provide fast services as needed by the customer.  We provide heavy equipment, manpower services, transport of heavy loads and also we provide experienced operators to our customers who can operate these machines safely.
Our forklifts are currently working with leading companies and suppliers in Saudi Arabia, who are pleased with the quality, performance and reliability of our material, staff and services.

Forklift 3 Ton 30D-7
Forklift 5 Ton Forklift 5 Ton
Forklift 7 Ton 70D-7
Forklift 10 Ton 100D-7
Forklift 11 Ton CPCD30
Forklift 15 Ton CPCD50
Forklift 16 Ton CPCD100