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Tower Light Rental

Are you searching for best tower light rental services in Saudi Arabia Here you go! Kites heavy equipment rental will find your temporary lighting needs solutions. We promise to give quality light towers with advanced technology at affordable price. Our light house is designed in such a way to perform high level these towers to light up large space which is very useful for construction sites, events, or any other emergency situations. In Saudi Arabia recently, large number of construction sites are developing with the help of hiring KITES tower light rental because our services are always above the exceptions. So, let’s get Light up your way with our finest lighting tower rental services in Saudi Arabia.

Why Choose KITES Tower Light services in Middle East

In Saudi Arabia there are really best lighting tower services are there called KITES equipment rental. We guide peoples to work so long in various types of situations our professional team will guide you to help your needs done. Our team will be there in your live site where you stay and control the light focusing till your projects end we don’t hesitate to give our services at any time we are not just others ordinary lights – KITES are super fancy and make the night sky look amazing! But these lights aren’t just for show; we actually help keep everyone safe. Each product that we deliver will be quality checked once or twice with both safety and quality we won’t give fake promise of our products and we be on time with professional team.

Tower light rental services in Saudi Arabia

Our Tower light models

Name Specifications Technical Specifications
LED Tower Lights LED tower lights are energy-efficient and
long-lasting. They typically feature low
power consumption and high brightness levels
Power Consumption: 5W, Brightness: 500
lumens, Voltage: 24V DC, Colours: Red, Green,
Yellow, Blue, IP Rating: IP65 (Waterproof),
Operating Temperature: -20°C to 50°C.
Halogen Tower Lights Halogen tower lights provide bright
illumination and are commonly used in
industrial settings. They offer good
colour rendering properties and instant illumination.
Power Consumption: 50W, Brightness: 1500
lumens, Voltage: 120V AC, Colours: Red,
Green, Yellow, Blue, IP Rating: IP54 (Splash
proof), Operating Temperature: -10°C to 40°C.
Xenon Tower Lights Xenon tower lights produce intense
flashes of light and are often used in
applications requiring high visibility over long distances.
Power Consumption: 30W, Brightness: 2500
lumens, Voltage: 110V AC, Flash Rate: 60
flashes per minute, Colours: White, IP Rating:
IP66 (Dustproof and Waterproof), Operating
Temperature: -30°C to 60°C.
Infrared Tower Lights Infrared tower lights emit infrared light
invisible to the human eye and are
commonly used for surveillance and
security purposes
Power Consumption: 10W, Wavelength:
850nm, Voltage: 12V DC, Beam Angle: 60
degrees, Range: Up to 50 meters, IP Rating:
IP67 (Submersible), Operating Temperature: – 40°C to 80°C.