Cranes are required for a variety of jobs and purposes. They also come in different configurations and capacities complimenting the work they are required for.

Buying a crane is recommended but it comes with its share of added costs. However, hire a crane and skip all the associated costs. Get your work done at reasonable costs excluding the additional charge.

But hiring a crane is not like renting a car. It requires thought and planning. You should know what you need and what the options available are.

Cranes can lift something from not too big to way too big materials. You will find crane supplier in Saudi Arabia therefore, you have to make sure you are renting the right equipment from the right company for the right work. Here are 5 things must consider when hiring a crane.

1. Consider What Kind of Crane You Need:

The type of crane depends on several factors including terrain, location, and project. You need to know what sort of soil you are working upon. Is it thick clay, granite, muddy, or bedrock? Also, cranes are huge machines and cannot pass through narrow village lanes. Besides, is the project to construct a high rise or a road?

2. Consider the Size and Type of Load You are Moving:

Size and material type mean everything. Note that a drainage culvert and pieces of construction may weigh similar but act completely different when hoisted on a crane. So you need to inform the crane hiring company regarding the load weight, type, and dimensions.

3. Check Crane Company’s Safety Record:

Job site safety is a prime requisite and cannot be ignored. Hence, checking the Crane Company’s Safety Record should be a top priority. Functionally, cranes carry and transfer huge loads across the job site. Therefore there is no scope for error here. An impeccable safety record is what you should look for.

4. Consider What Includes in Your Crane Rental:

Every crane rentals company has its unique deal. So you need to find out which deal suits you best. Especially if it’s giving you any add-ons. Check if the company provides a job site assessment, and comes with a quality, well-maintained crane, a team of certified personnel, and licensed operators.

5. Consider the Crane Rental Company’s Experience:

If this is the first job for the company, chances are they will be some rise of unwanted confusion. It is always well-advised to hire a crane rental company that knows what it’s doing. This is will save time as well as promote safety on site.

Cost of Hiring a Crane

Many factors decide the hiring price of a crane. The rates will depend on the type of crane, duration of the rental, the company you are renting it from if an operator is needed, and the geographical location.

Taking these factors into consideration, the crane rent can be anything from $100 to $1,000 per day, $1,000 to $3,000 per week, or up to $6,000+ per month.

Generally, the rental company is likely to charge by the hour if you need an operator and a crane. Then again, the fees can also range from $100 for a 14-ton hydraulic crane to $350 per hour for a 100-ton hydraulic truck crane. Note that, companies providing an operator will expect a three to five-hour commitment.

How to Select Crane Capacity?

All types of Industries in India and around the world need cranes in one form or the other. Typically, cranes ease up manual work by lifting heavy weights and saving time and effort. However, the types of cranes and their capacity change depending upon the nature of work. Hence, here are some points to consider while deciding How to select crane capacity,

  • Consult a professional as crane operators are not familiar with load calculations. Several factors decide the crane’s ability to hold weight and the slightest miscalculation means disaster.
  • Know what specific equipment is going to be used. Crane operators need to know if the crane will be mobile or stagnant while carrying the load.
  • You can know the precise crane load calculation, only by knowing the geometry of the machine. That is, measure the geometric components. Elements including the boom, hoist, and the ground should be measured.
  • Make use of the load chart which will help in simplifying load capacity calculations. Specific cranes come with specific equipment and also bear a convenient load chart that will help in estimating the crane load capacity.

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