Equipment rentals refer to the act of renting or leasing tools and machinery for a specified period of time. These companies rent out a variety of tools and machinery to individuals and organizations. Equipment rentals are commonly offered by heavy equipment rental companies, which have a large inventory of various types of equipment, ranging from heavy construction machinery to smaller tools and supplies for short-term and long-term rental periods. The equipment is rented out to individuals and organizations for various purposes, such as construction projects, special events, and landscaping work. The equipment is often well-maintained and regularly serviced, and equipment rental companies often provide delivery, set-up, and pick-up services.

Equipment rental can be a cost-effective solution for those who only need the equipmentfor a limited amount of time, rather than having to purchase it outright. The heavy equipment rental companies typically provide maintenance and repair services for the equipment, ensuring that it is in good working condition for the duration of the rental period.

Best 6 Equipment rental companies in Dammam

1. Kites

Equipment rental

The largest independently owned provider of heavy equipment rental in Dammam, Saudi Arabia, is KITES Equipment Rental. They are experts in hiring construction and earthmoving tools, provisioning heavy lifting, qualified labor, and transportation to diverse fields. At all three levels, there are party operators and riggers. To complete your work, KITES Equipment Rental offers a variety of high-quality, dependable, and effective equipment rentals in Dammam.

Purchasing heavy equipment may be fairly expensive, especially if it’s needed only for a short time. Booking heavy equipment rental is more advantageous, and Saudi Arabia has a wide range of businesses that do so. Customers who require heavy equipment rental for a few days to finish projects typically choose rental equipment companies in Dammam. For services involving heavy machinery, contact KITES heavy equipment rental in Dammam, Saudi Arabia. Their knowledgeable and technical staff can help customers choose heavy equipment rental and set up and operate machinery.

KITES engages in the leasing and sourcing of large machinery made specifically for building projects and excavation activity. In close cooperation with clients, they sketch out every step of the project in great detail. They give customers advice and direction when making the best use of the proper equipment rental. A qualified team makes sure that the requirements of the clients are addressed with high standards and efficiency at the same time.

When it comes to heavy lifting, erection, and hauling, this heavy equipment rental in Dammam is a pioneer. KITES supplies up-to-date machinery, licensed drivers,  professional riggers, skilled workers, and authorized lifting accessories. They also offer full accessory specifications, lifting plans with drawings, transporting plans with drawings, rigging studies, load charts, and risk assessment plans. The company plans out the required engineering, site, road, and logistical assessments, as well as personnel and equipment scheduling, appropriate paperwork, and assembly procedures.

Regardless of the scale of the projects, KITES offers its clients useful and affordable solutions.KITES provides its clients with full-time equipment rental services in both onshore and offshore areas. At all three levels, they collaborate with Saudi Aramco as well as other third-party operators and riggers.

2. Al-Qahtani Vehicle & Machinery Company

Al-Qahtani Vehicle & Machinery Company

By adopting a sustainable approach to excellence in their business activities, such as heavy equipment rental, and focusing primarily on exclusive dealerships and distribution of high-quality heavy equipment machinery, Al-Qahtani Vehicle & Machinery Company aims to increase competitiveness and become a world-class service provider.

In their large-scale projects, they have been providing equipment rental to Aramco contractors. For numerous international contracting and oil, and gas businesses that involve heavy equipment rental in Dammam, Saudi Arabia, and other nations, Al-Qahtani Vehicle & Machinery Company has been supplying equipment rental.

It is one of the rental equipment companies in Dammam which is loaded with all the required instruments and machinery such as components for boring and machining balance and maintenance of turbochargers, three main shops, a machine shop with lathe, a portable boring machine, valve insert milling station, valve facing station, shaping station, weldingstation and connecting rod sleeve boring station.

When clients need equipment rental, they can find spare components worth roughly 50 million Saudi Riyals in the company’s storage. These components include consumables for overhaul-required parts, routine wear and tear, and complete parts for emergency scenarios. The service support team is available all the time to attend to client needs. Company vendors expertly teach the service support team on a professional level. The company’s goal is to prioritize the customer by using a proactive approach to consulting, partnership, and collaboration.

They offer their services to everyone through their interpretation of the Training of (T)s, this is possible. Technology, Talent, Training, Teaming, Target, Teamwork, Tools, Technique, Tolerance Limitation, Timing, Tracking, Tailored Solutions, Trust, Total Quality Management, and Total Customer Satisfaction. This equipment rental Dammam works to shape the construction businesses in the future.

Al-Qahtani Vehicle & Machinery Company is dedicated to enhancing the integrated management system in accordance with international standards. This company actively pursues operational efficiency through technical ability, process improvements, and adherence to integrated management system criteria in all endeavors. This equipment rental Dammam is devoted to minimizing environmental contamination and proactively enhancing the business occupational health and safety performance to shield workers, suppliers, clients, and contractors from harm and illness.

3. Eastern Lifters Equipment Rental Est

Eastern Lifters Equipment Rental Est

One of the top suppliers and providers of equipment rental in Dammam, Saudi Arabia’s eastern province is Eastern Lifters. Based in Al Khafji and Dammam, this company is a top supplier of contractors and equipment rentals. They began by providing daily, weekly, and monthly services to local clients in the fields of construction, road work, electrical tower erection, manufacturer plants, and production factories among other things using heavy-duty equipment like trailers, cranes, earth-moving equipment, and forklifts.

This company’s mission is to offer equipment rental services for lifting equipment of the highest caliber to clients in a variety of industries including refineries, oil & gas, construction businesses, etc at prices that are competitive in the market. Eastern Lifters  Equipment Rental Est increased its operations by taking part in agreements with the government and the largest businesses in the region, including Getty Oil Co. and Arabian Oil Co. They completed numerous projects in the fields of electrical and maintenance work, construction and material supply, including the construction of installation of a street lighting system, mosque, construction of roads, expansion of electrical substations, operation of a PHP laboratory, installation of a refinery security elimination system, upkeep of crude oil facilities, etc.

The equipment rental Dammam began with a small number of low bed trucks and trailers, flatbed trailers, and boom trucks to provide daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly services to the local market clients in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. Their goal is to offer transportation services of the highest caliber to clients in various industries including construction businesses, oil & gas, refineries, etc while maintaining professional operations and taking the utmost precaution to prevent any kind of losses. Eastern Lifters  Equipment Rental Est is a trustworthy organization that is quickly expanding and is looking for the opportunity to serve customers at all times and to work well with them wherever they are.

4. Power atlas co ltd

Power atlas co ltd

Power Atlas is one of the rental equipment companies in Dammam for equipment rental and trade. It is dedicated to the superior quality, reliability, and exceptional services of its equipment. Power Atlas collaborates closely with its clients, sharing their dedication and focus on the companies. Power Atlas provides assistance and services to its cherished customers in Dammam, Saudi Arabia, and Bahrain in industries like construction, oil, and gas, industrial and commercial.

This equipment rental Dammam offers a highly diversified product mix and qualified specialists tailored to serve specific customer groups that need the highest level of technical expertise. They acquire the newest equipment available and stay up with business-related technical developments. Also provide specialized, quality-focused services all-time at affordable rates due to the competent and experienced resources at disposal.

The fleet of equipment rental is state-of-the-art and made by renowned manufacturers. Power Atlas provides services for a variety of construction needs, including demolition,  general grading, pipeline, pavement, dust control, and earth-moving. They routinely upgrade their equipment to stay on the cutting edge of technology and to give their customers the most modern, productive, and affordable equipmentavailable.

This company places a high priority on safety. All equipment is maintained on a regular basis, and the standards and qualities of the equipment are never compromised. Additionally, all of our employees must complete safety training and seminars in order to keep working for our company. Excavators, hydraulic hammers, articulated dump trucks, dozers, compactors, backhoe loaders, shears, wheel loaders, and other heavy construction machinery are available for purchase or equipment rental from Power Atlas.

For all the equipment that is sold or rented, Power Atlas guarantees high-quality servicing and parts. At numerous locations, they also provide an exceptional level of after-sales assistance. The equipment rental Dammam rigorously tests all of its heavy machinery to guarantee its dependability and quality. This company meets the needs of their clients’ particular projects with a custom installation and integration with other parts or components.

Power Atlas is aware that equipment rental involves more factors than just the cost. As much as customers value their project, the company also performs to make sure that customers are happy with their collaboration. Power Atlas has rapidly expanded over a short period of time to rank among the leading independent providers of heavy equipment rentals. To better meet your equipment rental needs, this equipment rental Dammam provides both short and long-term equipment rentals.

5. Flowserve Al-Rushaid 

Flowserve Al-Rushaid 

The General Authority of Meteorology and Environmental Protection (GAMEP) of Saudi Arabia recently granted formal certification of environmental compliance to the Flowserve Al-Rushaid facility. In Dammam, Saudi Arabia, Al-Rushaid is the first site within Flowserve and among its competitors to achieve this certificate of environmental compliance.

The Al-Rushaid plant of Flowserve is located in Dammam’s Al Khobar neighborhood. The company’s equipment rental facility caters to customers in Dammam, Saudi Arabia, and its surrounding nations that work in the chemical, oil and gas, water resources, power, and general industrial sectors. The Quick Response Center at the facility handles the service needs of pumps from Flowserve and other manufacturers, including big horizontal multistage and double-casing barrel pumps as well as a range of vertical pumps. Maintenance and repair work, on-site field services, learning and development, solution engineering, system evaluations, and other services are among Al-Rushaid’s competencies.

To better meet the customer’s needs, Flowserve offers various tiers of formal service agreements. Their agreements are made to address issues swiftly, anticipate issues before they arise, and optimize hardware and software. Asset tracking, LifeCycle management, specialized service, parts, and long-term customer support are all covered by agreements. The most complete portfolio of fluid motion and control products is provided by Flowserve Al-Rushaid. Their products assist facilities in overcoming the most difficult flow control difficulties, from actuation and monitoring, pumps and seals to valves to energy recovery devices and hydraulic decoking systems, and more.

Equipment rentals from Flowserve Al-Rushaid are trusted by industrial facilities all over the world because of their demonstrated performance and dependability in even the most demanding fluid management applications. Al-Rushaid combines unmatched technological skills with in-depth application understanding while creating flow control devices. This strategy produces dependable goods that have been created to improve operational effectiveness, raise plant uptime, cut costs, and raise plant safety.

The Flowserve history goes far deeper than just a sector-leading portfolio. Consumers require answers that necessitate deep expertise and experience, and Al-Rushaid provides both. In every region of the world, more than 17,000 dedicated associates are the best people for project management, professional engineering, service, and technical support.

6. Kanoo Rental

Kanoo Rental

Kanoo Rental, the rental division of KANOO MACHINERY,  is heavy equipment rental in Dammam covering various business sectors. To serve a wide range of customers from numerous industries, Kanoo Rental is in charge of managing a sizable fleet of high-quality equipment rental that is supplied throughout Saudi Arabia.  Their facilities consist of:

Option to buy on lease

Dry Lease: Short-term & long-term

Refurbishing already-existing equipment

Buyback and trade-in in exchange for purchasing or leasing new equipment

sale of reconditioned and old equipment

With unrivaled competence in the construction, welding, material handling, access, and cleaning equipment industries, Kanoo Rental is the leading equipment rental market in the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and Bahrain. For all forms of consumer applications, they provide the most affordable solution. Their service level is the best in equipment rental and guarantees that the overall reliability of rented equipment is near 100%. They also provide support 24*7. The heavy equipment rental services team is qualified, trained, skilled, and experienced sales and service staff who have a distinctive degree of functional and technical skills. This also ensures that customers receive the highest level of professional sales and service from Kanoo Rental.

Kanoo Rental frequently offers used machinery for sale in its present condition, including combilift side-loaders, hyster diesel & electric forklifts, aisle-master VNA forklift trucks, and grove hydraulic mobile rough terrain and all-terrain cranes. After  repairing, refurbishing, painting, and other processes, this heavy equipment rental in Dammam also sells “Certified Used Equipment.” They exclusively utilize authentic spare parts to maintain the equipment because they are the sole and authorized distributors for all of the aforementioned equipment, and all services are performed in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.

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